Pengyuan Xiu has been working on radiation effects on various metal-based alloy systems for nuclear reactor applications for his Ph.D. work, including additively-manufactured HT9 alloys using direct-energy-deposition, Ni-based concentrated solid solution alloys, and FeCrAl alloys by performing single/dual ion beam irradiation, EBSD + FIB + Flash-Polishing for thin foil sample preparation, and S/TEM characterization. He has strong expertise on utilizing most common JEOL and ThermoFisher S/TEMs for radiation effects characterization with various techniques, including rel-rod, on-zone STEM and two-beam conditions for dislocation loop analysis, STEM-HAADF, STEM-EDX and STEM-EELS for chemistry study, as well as HRTEM. After the graduation (Fall-2021, expected), Pengyuan would plan to pursue a position in academia and continue the in-depth research on materials performance for nuclear reactor applications.


  • Radiation Effects in Advanced Alloys
  • Advanced Characterization
  • Mechanical Behaviors of Irradiated Materials


  • MS in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, 2017

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

  • BS in Materials Science and Engineering, 2016

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor